Healing & Mentoring

Mel has a technique that compliments different modalities. After studying with international master healers for many years, her own techniques started to amplify.

Using a combination of holistic, cultural connection and mainstream practice, Mel brings you to a place that’s closer to your heart, gently working with your spirit to move through what is presenting as a challenge to you. Mel uses both a non-touch and/ or hands on technique, focussing on the need at the time.

Mel’s focus is working with the person to create a safe space. Combining different learnt and naturally channelled modalities often described as shamanism. Mel walks with you exploring the various dimensions of your being. Guided by Elders and Ancestors, it’s a wonderous place to spiritually explore for further understanding of barriers, repetitive patterns or what could be draining your spirit.

Our physical issues often are held in place by trying to bypass our emotions or our overall needs, responses or what we perceive as a negative or bad experience. Approaching this practically, gently and in a safe environment is paramount to start to learn to work with ourselves in a way that is in communication with our environment, the elements and what often holds the key to the lense we view ourselves and our experiences from. “You’d be amazed at how talkative your body is when you connect with it and ask it what is happening. We’re programmed to feel before we think, it’s our natural ability, we’ve been conditioned to think and not feel. What I love most about healing work is the vastness of our beings, sitting with others to support them to see the vastness of their own being is a beautiful experience.


Mentoring is more main stream style using techniques like a reflective practice often supports those who don’t wish to engage in the different kinds of healing work. Although there’s an obvious use of energy work, the focus is more on goal setting, obstacles and conversation. We support the client to implement various practical solutions that are individually fitting to the need taking into account life circumstances, support networks and focus.  

Clients often arrive with a project or set goal in mind, wanting a mentor to walk through the process with them for accountability, to support them with self-reflection around obstacles and adapting new ways to enhance the skillset that they already have. We all have growing edges, at times it’s a great practice to take the time to address those that we feel are holding us back, often, the ones we don’t like to talk about openly. Individual sessions in a safe space can be exactly what we need. Using a combination of learnt main stream practice and holistic work is extremely effective to support

“I have received many healings from Mel Anjani over the last 10 years both in person and remote/distance. Mel is down to earth and real and I admire her ability to shift energy on a physical, mental spiritual level, Mel works with you to get clearer on your path by acknowledging and clearing any obstacles. Mel is a gifted healer, thank you Mel for your authentic approach to healing”. Louise, Northern Rivers NSW

“A third pregnancy in 4 years has been rough on my body and meeting Mel has been an absolute blessing! She has helped with everything from hip and back pain, to pulled muscles, and nausea. She’s gentle and non-invasive and makes me so comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Mel – an absolute dream ❤️❤️!” – Ellie

“I suffer from migraine often, I was pleasantly surprised that within 10 minutes of the session, not only had my migraine gone, I had no pain anywhere, I was relaxed and I felt a different level of calm in my body. I could really feel the energy moving within me. As a skeptic, it was something amazing to experience and feel so much benefit from, thank you!” – Jackie

“I went to see Mel after seeing her give someone else a healing session out on country that was quite profound. It was a shamanic journey with complete awareness of where we were, what was happening yet we were in a different place all together. Mel could describe what I was seeing as I was seeing it and guided me through the path and journey which was something I hadn’t experienced in a healing before. The guidance, support and purity of the energy in the session was beautiful, powerful and supportive. Her connection blew me away!” – Liza

“Mel is extremely clairvoyant and knows exactly where to go in the body either hands on or just by looking at you. Her intuition is fantastic, she can read what is happening and clear old blockages not just physically but the energy of them overall. Mel was able to take me into parts of myself that I really didn’t feel comfortable with, supported me to understand them, then helped me start to work with them which really motivated me to become more empowered to create change that I really needed.” – Lyn