Mel Armstrong

Mel has worked extensively for over 27 years researching her family’s history back to 1800.

Understanding the breaks in connection, the impacts of colonisation, the Stolen Generations and the ripple effect that continues today with families is paramount to understanding difference, privilege, courage, personal confidence and what belonging means.

Learning more of your culture and how that individually moves through us is a very important part to healing the feelings of disconnection. Understanding the reason and purpose of what is done, why it’s done and when to not do or share certain things supports a culturally safe way of being and enhances our sovereignty while deepening our respect to our Ancestors and ancestral practices.

“Learning your Aboriginal Language feels like you’re wrapped up in a warm blanket, it works through you, your body responds to it. It’s like a somatic healing experience where you expand with joy and wonder at the same time.

Our family story, my direct lineage, was part of the Stolen Generation. It’s taken significant work to trace the pieces, find our people through research and understand the journey so far. The depth of your connection isn’t measured by others, it’s something that leads you home, it calls you.”

This beautiful and profound connection becomes more expansive every day, growing in love, awareness, consciousness and energy.

I’ve had the great privilege of hearing the words of my people, my family and Elders sharing their stories, the stories of our Ancestors and the wisdom of our ways.

Being taught and guided in purpose by our senior people is a deeply humbling experience. Furthering education to communicate our way, our healing, and our blessings, working with the elements, the plants, the land, the stars, in alignment with our lore is something I hold very dear.

The depth of the sacred wisdom is clean and clear, not to be taken for granted or played with. Devotion to the sacred, the Ancestors, the spirituality, the vibration and the vast consciousness a wonderous cosmic gift; something to be respected and held in awe.

Learning to speak our language, learning the essence of how this came to be, learning the ceremony, the fire, the smoke. Different communications with the land and all that inhabits it, our mother, the stars, the blaze of the blessings is beyond anything that the mind can grasp.

“Being taught by our Elders and wisdom holders to work in these ways holds a brilliance all of its own. It’s how we be, where we come from and what we belong to; the weaving of connection, dreaming, heart and light.”