Star Dreaming

Self published by Ella & Mel Productions

Co-authored with my cousin. Beautifully written and illustrated stories to connect the hearts, minds, and spirits of children (and parents) while exploring the Dreaming, the Aboriginal Culture and the role that connection with Country and our Elders play—what’s true to our hearts.

This book has been translated in places into the Aboriginal Gamilaraay language. Loss of language has been one of the horrific losses for our people, thankfully now, we have the opportunities to bring this safely back, restoring a different aspect of connection that was lost and hidden away for many, many years.

Part of my purpose is to provoke thought, without it there can be no change. Bringing awareness to our similarities, irrespective of culture, plays a vital role in bridging the gap of difference. It’s been such a pleasure to write so honestly of experiential ways to support more
self-awareness and self-compassion for our younger generations.

Honouring our Culture, and family who were like many, separated by the stolen generations was a privilege. Part of the detriment to our people was the loss of their language, displacement and segregation; this beautiful book shows the natural longing to belong; to reconnect with our country, culture, family, language and traditional practices. Supporting people of all ages to gently step into their hearts and identities is so important, it’s a part of the healing process.

My story, ‘To Fly Through the Stars’, holds special meaning for me; it highlights aspects of how I experience connection with many facets of this. My family is highlighted here, my mother, children, nieces and nephews and cousins are named in the story; the overall project is dedicated my family who are all affected by the Stolen Generation, my Grandmother Mei, her sister Ella and the journey of our family as they walk forward, reconnecting the pieces.

It’s been beautifully received and read in many schools across Australia.

Senior Gomeroi Elder, Uncle Neville Sampson, introducing Mel’s story from “Star Dreaming” as a Dream Time story:

“I’m going to read you the story To Fly Though the Stars. This is written by Mel. When I read it, I thought ‘this is so beautiful’. I couldn’t believe how well it was written. And to write a good dreamtime story, is a great thing. Especially in our people, and with our children. And the children loves, our Dream time stories.”

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