Walking with Women

Women have been sitting with women in a sacred way for thousands of years. Some of these ways have been lost in our daily grind of a world where societal norms have demanded a different version of us.

Systemic creations in business settings have viewed women as the weaker sex, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The feminine is one of the most powerful concepts that we have, if we’re able to be in that. What has occurred over time, is the evolution of a stronger masculine to survive in the business world. Offices and boardrooms have long been dictated by a business model that has been created by the white male style of management, with no disrespect to white men.

It’s become that of masculine authority which has demanded women not bring their strengths as women, rather than morph them into something that is acceptable. Taking the authentic feminine out of the equation and disguising it as professionalism has created an often-unsafe place for women to walk together is a professional capacity. It has created cliques, unhealthy competitiveness and a hierarchy of judgement that screams toxic and non-inclusive.

Women are burning out, feeling isolated and struggling with self-worth based on the play that has been written for them. Selling themselves out to fit in rather than belong, which smothers their voice, their heart and their natural capacity to deliver brilliant service.

The art of walking with women is being highlighted by various groups who truly value the diversity amongst us. Sitting in circle is a way to renew this understanding, we sit in circle at the same level as each other. We each hold something that brings value, we each have experiences that can support another and we each have something to learn.

Being in a safe space with this kind of feminine grows us, our lense changes, we feel a sense of at ease where our nervous system can start to experience a different way to be. That our sisters offer us a place to be all of who we are, who we truly are, not defined by the labels of a workplace nor measured by this.

Many women come with the fears of being seen, not being enough, feeling like they have to meet a certain level to sit with each other. What if this was a false understanding of conditioning?

Go back to the days of sitting with old Aunties and grandmothers, where they would sit together and create beautiful pieces of knitted work while drinking tea, teaching the young ones and just being together. It isn’t always baring your soul or deepest emotions; it’s not about sitting in a support group type environment; it can be as simple as being safe to be with other women while we each take our own steps or, how we can take some steps together. It is about how we can support each other in learning different ways, how we can each feel more empowered of what we can individually do to create the change in our societies that we are seeking.

Until we can sit, walk and talk safely with each other, we will continue to perpetuate the very thing that we are saying we dislike. It’s a courageous woman who can sit in her heart alongside other women, allow them to witness her, and be the raw truth of all that she is, without apology; the alchemic transformation through these experiences is a powerful and beautiful process. Moving through these experiences in connection to the earth and the elements supports something greater than the mind can often grasp.

The ancient ways are not outdated or gone, they are here to be experienced.

Photo credit Hanumai